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Camden Fire & Rescue

Fire Personnel

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Camden Firefighters 2008

This is a list of our fire personnel:

Bill Dittman Jr. Jackson Township Trustee

351. Charles Foreman, Chief

352. Eric Foreman, 1st Asst. Chief

353. Byron Rude, 2nd Asst. Chief

354. Bob McCain, Captain

355. James Griffith JR, 1st Lieutenant

356. Gary Stanley, 2nd Lieutenant

357. Ron Cree, Firefighter

358. Ellen McCain , Firefighter

359. Scott Hile, Firefighter


361. Jason Cree, Firefighter

362. Daniel Butler, Firefighter

363. Jason Dunning, Firefighter

364. Ron Wertz, Firefighter 

365. Rodney Hensley, Firefighter

366. Brain Graf, Firefighter

367. Mike Gillam, Firefighter

368. Dana Hile, Firefighter

369. Jesse Downham, Firefighter

370. Tony Rouhier, Firefighter

371. Shane Chapman, Firefighter

Junior Firefighters

372. Jacob Griffith, Junior Firefighter

373. Jordan Cree, Junior Firefighter

374.  Jay Moudy, Junior Firefighter


Our Mission:

Established in 1921, the continuing mission of the Camden Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the residents of Jackson Township including The Town of Camden ,The Town of Deer Creek, Washington Township , Carrollton Township and any fire department that may call on our department for assistance (mutual aid) in the most efficient, professional manner possible. This is done by safely and efficiently extinguishing fires, rescuing persons in danger, continually educating ourselves, practicing our skills, and educating the public of its role in fire safety, all to the best of our abilities.

" Done by firefighters that care "